Beyond South

day 1

Arrival at Windhoek International Airport. Africa Motion Tours will transfer you to Windhoek. After a welcome drink and a short briefing, lunch will be spent at a good restaurant. Accomodation at the Heja Game Lodge near Windhoek. Comfortable beds, fantastic food and the opportunity of selfdriving game drive on 10.000 hectar.

day 2

We are heading towards the highest dunes in the oldest desert of our planet. Our route takes us via Gamsberg- and Gaub Pass to Sossusvlei. Camping. All the necessary luxuries and bushmen TV is scheduled for tonight.

day 3

As soon as the gate is opened before sunrise we enter the Sossusvlei Park. Come and stop your breath here. On the way back, trip to Sesriem, a canyon on its own. Onwards the road along the Namib Rand to Camp Koiimasis, the Tirras Conservancy. The luxury campsite attracks us in such a way that we will be spending two nights there.

day 4

Driving on/off road on the ranch Koiimasis and ranch Landsberg. Countryside that differs to an extreme. Untouched bushmen paintings or horseriding will attract your attention (optional). Camping.

day 5

The largest canyon in Africa is calling, the Fishriver Canyon. Gravel road to Seeheim Hotel, luxury accomodation and good cuisine. A very scenic route.

day 6

Fishriver Adventure is our target, a ranch which is situated in and around the Fishriver Canyon. Little 2 men wooden huts wil accomodate us for tonight with a good toilet and shower deep down the Canyon.

day 7

Another day is spent in this natural wonder of Africa. Swimming, relaxing, and good ride on the bike or car will fill the day to its best.

day 8

Towards Seeheim into Namaland, an area where we will find no more road indication. Tavelling direction Brukaros Mountain. Wild camping which basically means we will stop as far we get before sunset. Well equipped with warm shower on board, we will enjoy Namaland.

day 9

This off road special stage invites us to an extraordinary journey. Crossing the Fish River several times, we will be heading for a campsite built up by the people of N.A.C.O.B.T.A. (Namibian Community Based Tourism Association) which is situated at the foot of the Brukaros Mountain.

day 10

Still off road we will be driving next Fish River towards Gibeon, Mariental and eventually Stampried. Luxury accomodation at Stampried's Historical Guesthouse. The diversity of flora and fauna is exceptional in this area, all kind of antelopes, beautiful birds like the Grey Heron and the Black Eagle, jackal, rabbits, baboons, wild cats ...

day 11

Roaring along the Elephant River. Elephants were last seen here between 1890 and 1896. San Remo, a typical Karakul ranch will welcome us for camping. The red Kalahari dunes form our magnificent scenery.

day 12

Normal gravel and tarred roads take us back to Windhoek. A luxury ranch called Elisenheim is our house tonight. Good off road can be organised here on optional basis.

day 13

The cherry on top is Okapuka restaurant where we will spend some time for a final treat. Optional game drive by car is highly recommended. Dropping of the motorbykes at the Africa Motion Tours workshop in Windhoek. A good rest in a luxury pension will make us feel really exceptional, especially after such an adventure.

day 14

Today, before leaving back, we will spend some time in the cleanest city of africa. For those that still need more adventure, there is a lot to do and we can arrange anything.


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Beyond South