Africa Motion Tours

was born in Egypt when Werner Schulz shared a motorcycle tour with the italien Franco Picco - Picco Adventures.

Franco Picco, a legend in motor sport, has been twice victor in the Pharaohs Rally '86 and '92 and has obtained the 2nd place twice at the Dakar Rally on a modified TT 600.

Born on a ranch in Namibia, Werner Schulz has spent a great deal of his life in the bushveld. After travelling the world for 10 years, he is capable of transforming a motorcycle tour into a cultural awakening.

Werner shares his passion with those whose taste for life begins at the end of their comfort zone.

He can take you to Namibia, a country that is home to abundant natural wonders and incomparable beauty, to brainwash you with fantastic adventure, good friends and endless freedom.

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Werner Schulz - Africa Motion Tours

Franco Picco - Picco Adventures

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